Nexus International Announces

6/20/2024 For Immediate Release

Nexus International Announces

world's first decentralized custody universal wallet for all asset classes!

Nexus International Announces

Nexus International is excited to announce, a revolutionary platform, set to transform the global payments market by introducing the world’s first decentralized custody universal wallet for all asset classes. allows users to send, receive, and store fiat, crypto, and securities in a compliant and secure environment. Unlike traditional digital wallets, the software layer is the nexus, enabling members to choose their trusted custodians from a network of regulated financial institutions. This approach ensures user assets are held by trusted, compliant entities while combining the benefits of decentralization with the security and regulatory compliance of traditional finance. Additionally, offers fraud prevention features with anonymous P2P payments.

Beyond simple transactions, is a comprehensive tool for managing and trading a wide array of assets. Users can handle crypto, real-world assets (RWA), loyalty points, and vouchers seamlessly within the platform. This versatility makes an essential tool for both everyday users and sophisticated investors.

"Our vision at Nexus International is to democratize global finance," said Mark Henry Saft, CEO of Nexus International. “With, we’re not just offering a wallet; we’re providing a gateway to the global economy, enabling anyone to transact anything, anywhere, anytime, instantly.” serves as a universal connector with the single nexcash brand, emphasizing its platform-agnostic nature. It integrates seamlessly with various systems, ensuring flexibility and broad compatibility for users worldwide.

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Mark Henry Saft
CEO, Nexus International

About Nexus International:

Nexus International is revolutionizing global finance with its flagship product, This decentralized custodial universal wallet enables the secure, compliant, and anonymous transfer of all asset classes, setting a new standard in global payments.

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